Send files to anyone with an email address

What is FileChimp?

FileChimp ™ is a free service that makes sending files to anyone with an email address very easy!

Overcome the difficulty and vulnerability of sending files as email attachments by using email as a means of notification only. You can password protect files, add an optional message and send it to multiple recipients. No registration required. Recipients receive an email with a link from where they can download the files.

How does it work?

  • 1

    Accept our Terms of Use

    Accept our Terms of Use to ensure that you meet our fair usage policy

  • 2

    Enter your details

    Enter your email address, the email addresses of your recipients, an optional message, and specify whether you want to password protect the file downloads.

  • 3

    Select and upload your files

    Select and upload files that you wish to send.

  • 4

    Release your files

    Check your inbox for an email to release the files. Once released, an email with download instructions will be sent to each recipient.

  • 5

    Receive a confirmation from recipients

    Once recipients have confirmed their downloads, including an optional return message, you will receive an email notification.